By Br. Montie Chavez SAN ANTONIO—The Our Lady of the Lake mall area was filled with enthusiasm shared by students, faculty and staff on Wednesday, April 18 for an event called “Picnic with the Provost.” The event allowed OLLU students to interact with faculty, staff and administrative officials from different departments. In addition to the interactions, the event also allowed students to voice their concerns and comments directly with faculty and Student Life staff. “We are trying to have an informal gathering at the end of the semester to give students a last push toward final exams. We are hoping it’s not as formal, and that, with all the faculty and staff out here, we have some fun get to know each other and build relationships,” commented Dr. Marcheta Evans, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost. A FIESTA themed dinner was provided for all who attended which included; pulled pork sliders, chicken on a stick, potato salad, grilled corn and lemon bars. In addition to the food provided, complimentary wine, and beer were also served. Eliann Jimenez, a freshman at OLLU studying Criminology and Psychology, attended the event and commented on what motivated her to attend, “To be able to know more about what the diversity we are going to have, what they are planning on to change the university as well.” Evans wants all the OLLU community to know that, “We know that when a student has connected with staff or faculty, our chance of retaining them increases astronomically. We want to let them know we are real people, we’re not just a sage on the stage, or the one you just come to in the office, but we are here to help the whole student.” Evans also is hopeful for future events allowing students to connect with the faculty and staff.
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