June 24, 2021

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Overcoming Test Anxiety Workshop

By Br. Montie Chavez

SAN ANTONIO—Our Lady of the Lake students gathered in the Renaissance Parlor during community hour on Tuesday for a workshop on test taking strategies and how to overcome test anxiety.

The workshop, hosted by the Student Success Office, was part of a series of workshops called, “Workshop Wednesdays.” The intention of the workshops are to help students improve their academic skills.

“By the end of the workshops students will have a plan of action to prepare for tests, understand test strategies to use during and after tests based on the different types of tests,” OLLU Student Success coach, Stephanie Larios said.

Student Success coach, Venesa G. Matthews was the presenter, and provided students with this handout. The handout contained the main takeaways from the presentation, including test taking strategies and help with anxiety.

“I learned that waiting for the last minute to study is probably not a good idea. I should study beforehand, and take 40 min a day at least to study and go over the materials,” junior Mariza Cardenas said. “Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Everyone is struggling, I noticed that I am not the only one with anxiety about testing. A group is always one of the best ways to go about anything in a course, so always finding a group and studying with them is a great studying resource to have.”

For more information or to get help with test taking strategies, contact the Student Success Center.

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