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SAN ANTONIO – Dr. Lourdes Maria Alvarez is the daughter of refugees that came into this country. She was born in Galveston, Texas, but lived the majority of her life in California, her first language was Spanish and learned how to speak English in school where she was mostly attended catholic schools.

She started college at UC San Diego and finished in UC Berkley for her undergraduate degree where she studied neurology. Dr. Alvarez said, “As an undergrad student I was somebody who was really curious and it was very hard to decide what to study, I was interested in so many different things, and was someone who was eager to go to college.” In her mid-twenties, she went back to school to receive a masters in Spanish.

Dr. Alvarez is the new Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, she works closely with the President and other vice presidents of the university to ensure that the academic programs are at their best and strongest performance. Her main focus is on bringing new possible masters programs to life at Our Lady of the Lake University.

Another aspect of her job involves the athletic department which reports to her what the day to day operations are, as well as student life. Not many universities have the integration of academics, athletics and student life handled all by one person but Dr. Alvarez believes that it is better that each department work together to provide the best outcome for all of the universities students.

If any students or faculty are interested in a master’s program not offered by the university or would like to integrate one feel free to contact Dr. Lourdes Maria Alvarez at Please understand that things like this take time to process but also remember that Dr. Alvarez is one of us and she will not let our voices pass by without hearing them.

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