By Patience Nene Okpe Our lady of the lake women Basketball team leads by Head Coach Minner Christopher and assistant coach Stacy Stephens has been an immense commitment to ollusa sport program here in san Antonio. Head coach Minner Christopher has been the coach of ollusa women’s teams for a very long time and has won such a significant number of group honors and individual honor, while coach Stacy Stephens would be joining the team this year 2018 as the new appointed assistant coach of ollusa women’s basketball team.  The group has done so many spectacular appearances such as advancing to the group stage, having National appearance and looking out for each other. “2017-2018” notwithstanding the fact the team had so many injuries giving them a short number of players still played the season with so much enthusiasm, determination and mental toughness taking them to the national tournament Head coach Minner spoke about the growth of his team this season and his specification for selecting players to play for ollusa women basketball team. “that they would play on a high level, be a good teammate and be good academically” this did not end here as he gave more lights on his team schedule this season “it’s a tough schedule we have this season, I am hoping to see what this season have in store for us. I look forward to winning a championship and know far we can go as a team” Head coach Minner talked about his confident on his team “I have confident in my team. We have a lot of good players and good post players, oh”, yeah, I think we are better. The growth of the team extended to a Kosovo Europe post player Zerina Shatri. Zerina is a post player from Europe, getting her first appearance here in the United State of America. The player talked about her experience with the team and how exhausting it is for her to adapt to the food, ways of living and classes. “I have challenges with classes, food and weather” she did not stop here as she gave more useful hints “I am a kinesiology major” looking forward to seeing Zerina become one of the most influential   coach in the world. Zerina articulated about her positive mind set with the team and how she feels about the team “my hope is to win the conference championship” Our lady of the lake women basketball team has been a huge success over the years and are still doing a tremendous job organizing sound practices and sturdy rest for the team. One of the player Jamia Ashja Miller also talked about her encounter with the team so far. “campus is pretty” “I am a biology major” I am a shooting guard” she also talked about missing some family members “Being away from my boyfriend just because it’s the beginning of the school year so, am adapting to it. Jamia have full assertive about her team “that I get on the travelling team and winning championship” Basketball has been a huge part of my life, it has given me the complete confident I need. Basketball is everything I need to see me happy, it is the only thing I can do without thinking about outside stuffs.
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