June 21, 2021

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OLLU Updates It’s Website

By Lake Front Staff

SAN ANTONIO—The Marketing and Communications department at Our Lady of the Lake University refreshed the University website on January 26, 2018.

Marquita Eldridge, OLLU News and Information Editor said that the refresh was to reflect the new branding campaign that launched during the fall semester. Hence, the change to the new blue.

Some of the new features in the site update include new photos that have been used in the updated branding campaign as well as new locations for logging into student and staff portals. To access these portals, scroll over the yellow button that says, “Info For.”

“Part of the need for the rebrand was to recognize Our Lady of the Lake University as OLLU.” Alexa Saavedra, a former Marketing and Communication intern said.

“Everything was fine the way it was, why the change?” Senior Stephanie Ramirez said. “It is refreshing and somewhat uplifting to see or know that the Marketing and Communications department takes the little things into consideration.”

As the OLLU community continues to get adjusted to the new layout, some members may need to clear their browsing history for all features to work correctly. If you have any challenges using the new features of the website contact the ITS department at 210-431-3908 or helpdesk@ollusa.edu.

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