Have you ever had the aspiration to travel and wondered what it would be like to study in another country?

As a Student there might be a option you may not always consider. Studying abroad is a great way to fulfill your academic career and explore foreign lands.

At Our Lady of the Lake University, although chances of travel and studying abroad are scarce, there are some opportunities you might not want to miss out on.

  1.    You can find a course that has an academic trip to conclude the class you are taking
  2.   Information of a semester or summer course in another country is    not currently available by OLLU, but is being looked in to by the university

OLLU student Koren Montavo said she does not know any travel opportunities and wishes the school would offer some.

Another OLLU Student Brandy Lugo said ” I am a about to be a senior and I have never heard anything about studying abroad or any traveling that would be going on in my classes.”

OLLU does at times offer, faculty-led short term study abroad. This means students will travel and learn relevant information to the class they are taking in order to expand their knowledge of the subject.

If you wish to gain more information about any possible traveling opportunities at OLLU contact Dr. Pena at epena@ollusa.edu.


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