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Hi, and thank you for joining us for lakefront fast cast I’m Joshua Padilla do you have any plans to leave for the upcoming fall break to make sure your prepare for the break.
This semester has been different that any other so here’s what you need to know before moving out for the fall break.

Victor Salazar director of residence life discusses
the steps that must be taking to do before preparing to leave the campus this fall.

If you haven’t attend those meetings you could get with there RA there scheduled this week it talks about what they need to do to prepare to close out the semester in terms of putting up there room packing up there belongs that they need.

Salazar continues to clarify how students could ensure their rooms when they come back after the break.

We had a survey that we sent out it asked all our residents about thanksgiving break the end semester plans winter break needs as well as confirming there spring housing.

Where should students go if they have any questions about housing or any fees?

So we already have posted housing and meal plans charges for the spring semester so students who have told us that they cancelling we are reaching out to them to confirm to make sure that they meet our cancelation requirements.

Its important that you talk to RES life before you start packing for the upcoming fall season but there may be information that you may need to know.

If you have any questions about housing for the upcoming fall break please contact RES life.

That is all for now this has been Joshua Padilla from lakefront fast cast.

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