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Gabriel Torres

Did you enjoy the free comedy shows on campus? What about the live entertainment in the mall area? If you enjoyed all those events this semester, you can thank the Saints Production Board (SPB). SPB is the organization responsible for providing fun events here on campus. They go to conventions and decide what performances will bring the most enjoyment to the Our Lady of the Lake community.

Not only are they responsible for performers coming to campus, but they also work on the annual Candlelight Dance at the end of every fall semester. Candlelight is anticipated by many students and has become a tradition. Almost every student that attends OLLU has gone to this dance at least once.

When looking for a fun event to attend, take a look at the emails SPB sends out. SPB promotes a variety of events so everybody on campus can have a good time, and the majority of the events are free and open to anyone. Be sure to attend any event you would like to see more of so SPB knows what to bring to campus in the upcoming semesters.

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