Art, Ink is a student organization dedicated to encouraging everyone to participate in art. “There’s always going to be someone who says ‘I’m not good’ or ‘that person is better’ and Art, Ink’s goal is to bring artist of all levels together and enjoy our craft,” president Diana Itzel Zuniga said.

Art, Ink meets every other Wednesday and Zuniga said the organization welcomes “any style, and medium, or any type of art,” to join in on the fun.

Freshman Briana de León joined the organization because she “had wanted to become a part of an art community outside of my minor and explore my creativity with others. I had never joined any organizations in high school and I felt now would be as good as a time as any to get to know other people who share the same interest for art.”

According to Zuniga the organization is planning on participating in many events. “The officers and I got together to start planning to bring Art, Ink out of the dust. The organization has been inactive for a while, but we’re here now and we’re ready. So far, we’ve established that we would like to participate in active events such as field trips and fundraisers, as well as relaxed like movie nights or career days. I’m most excited for our plans to have a movie night, I’d like to take that opportunity to get to know more about our enthusiastic members,” she said.

De León hopes “to have fun getting to know new people and being creative as a group. I also hope to help other students become more aware of the great visual arts program we have here on campus,” she said.

Officers for the organization consist of President Zuniga, Vice President Jasmine Pardo, Treasurer Rudy Ortiz, Administrative Assistant de León and Social Media Managers Raquel Pilgrim and Amber Miller. Professor Deborah Vasquez serves as the organizations faculty advisor.

Zuniga encourages other students to attend a fundraiser or movie night to see “how open minded and friendly our members are. We have a great diversity of members who are majoring in biology, psychology and of course visual arts. However, we also have members who aren’t majoring or minoring in Art. We are an organization open to all majors and to anyone who can appreciate art,” she said.

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