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By Roberto Camero III SAN ANTONIO—In recent years, gun control seems to be a hot topic in America as both sides of the debate seem to take strong stances in opposition of the other. While it can be clear to see that there are precautions to help cut down on the amount of guns being given to potential killers, there is room for improvement. Just two years ago, the Pulse nightclub shooting was performed by a man who was on a federal watchlist.  “Gun control is out of hand. We need to stop putting it off thinking that it will make results. After the recent school shootings it’s time to be strict on background checks, or on how many guns is too much.” Freshman Brandon Zamarripa stated. However, it is common knowledge that some see guns as inanimate objects and rather the blame should be held upon the person responsible, in the same fashion that cars aren’t seen as killing machines but inebriated drivers are.  “Guns are dangerous weapons that can be used to protect or to attack. It’s your choice what you do with them.” Freshman Philip Murphy said. “The U.S. doesn’t have a firearms problem, it has a mental health problem. Citizens have a right to bear arms to combat tyranny and defend their well being. Chicago has some of the highest firearms related murder rates over most U.S. cities, yet has the strictest gun regulations. It’s utterly ridiculous.” Junior David Garcia said. There is much work to be done to bridge those who feel completely against guns and those who see them as practical means to both hunt animals and protect what they hold dear.
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