March 2, 2021

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On Campus Voting At Our Lady Of The Lake University

The Sueltenfuss library at Our Lady Of The Lake University held a polling site for the upcoming election. The university has been encouraging all students to register for the upcoming election.

“Voting is essential because that where you have the power to effect change to the matters that matter to you.”

Teachers encourage all students that attend to participate and vote for the upcoming election.

“Election so important I think a-lot of this stuff that we talk about in my intro to sociology class or any other sociology class a-lot of what we’re seeing is a product of policy.”

What are some of the steps to register for the upcoming election?

“It’s important to check your registration status which is really easy you can go to make sure your registered if your registered in bear county you can come here to our lady of the lake.”

The deadline in Texas to register for the upcoming election was on October, 5th 2020 and election day in Texas will start Tuesday November, 3rd 2020.

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