By Stefanie Fairweather SAN ANTONIO—Our Lady of the Lake University finance department just announced their new Strategic plan for the school. These plans will take place over the course of the next five years. Plans include tuition increase, increases in the athletic department, and changes to academic plans.   “We are looking to increase the OLLU tuition and possibly increasing the student activity fee,” OLLU’s Vice President of Finance, Anthony Turietta said. He expressed his need for student input on these future changes. Turietta had a meeting with the student executives of the Student Leadership and Development office in which he encouraged them to give them their opinions and concerns and that of their peers. OLLU is also looking to expand its campus, by creating a new student union area. In order for this to happen there must be increases in fees such as the student activity fee. Currently, students pay the $10 activity fee per year when most schools pay at least $100 per year. An increase in the fees could possibly give students want they want which is a designated space for them to hang out and relax. The Student Government Association believe the perfect space for this new building is where the Annex was, it is not being used nor is it being worked on. “I think it is a great idea, but if we increase the fee when will we start to see big changes on campus?” SPB Wellness Chair, Erika Carbajal-Ramos said. OLLU’s Student Life Offices and President Dr. Diane Melby are looking for more campus vibrancy which led them to enlist the help of the Saints Productions Board. The future of OLLU events is looking brighter, and there will be more events presented on campus.  “I’m really excited that they are interested in expanding our budget and bringing more life to our campus,” SPB Vice President, Angel Akins said.
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