April 21, 2021

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OLLU’s Counseling Center goals and services

SAN ANTONIO – Our Lady of the Lake University’s (OLLU) counseling services offers services such as counseling, workshops and outreach. Dr. Jacqueline Coppock, the new Director of Counseling Services, mentions that she hopes students utilize the program and wants to break the stigma of mental health and counseling.

“It’s not like the media, as a counseling center we work really hard to make it comfortable, it’s more of a conversation,” said Coppock.

Some other goals Coppock has for the program are peer mentoring and creating a safe space for students at OLLU. Located in Providence 101, students can come to the center, fill out paperwork and set up an appointment with a counselor.

The counseling center also offers workshops, where organizations on campus can collaborate with OLLU’s counseling and have a workshop based on the topic of their choice, ranging from self-care to relationship problems. Coppock hopes that other organizations will reach out to have workshops.

Student-workers, like Brianna De Leon, work on outreach events and create a welcoming environment for students. Some outreach programs happening in October and November are the Clothes Line project, where students can decorate t-shirts and hear about domestic violence issues and aspects, happening on Oct. 23. Walk the Line, an event about substance abuse, happening on Oct. 29, and Stomp Out Stigma on Nov. 7. 

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