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By Alexa Saavedra

SAN ANTONIO— As of March 27, 2018 there has been a total of 18 gun related shooting in schools across the United States. Some of these shooting occurred in states such as Texas, California, Michigan, and Florida. Still, fight against gun violence continues to stir up buzz in the media. Most of the attention the last few weeks was on the March of our Lives movement, which occurred on March 24th. The reactions to the shootings have also brought the attention of Our Lady of the Lake University. On Thursday, March 22th, Sargent Elliot and the OLLU Police Department facilitated active shooter training. The purpose of this training was to “make sure our students are going to be safe because we don’t know when events like this can happen, we never know when it can happen on campus or near us,” stated Michael Garcia a current resident assistant for OLLU and program coordinator for the active shooting training.

OLLU PD is on duty 24 hours a day for 365 days out of the year. Is this protection enough to ensure events such as a school shooting don not occur on our campus? Criminal Justice student Lazaro Hernandez says “you see our OLLU police patrolling on a constant note which brings more safety, I understand that we are located in the infamous “west side” but I personally feel that the perimeter around the campus is shielded by the Lord which is why there haven’t been any of these monstrosities happening. Wings Up, right?”

Movements like the March of our Lives has created awareness about the suffering and tiredness the ones affected by the recent shootings. More schools are holding active shooter training and are encouraging students to report any suspicious activity. As for OLLU “I hope they will continue to allow us to hold these types of training practices and also continue sending emergency emails, texts, and calls to ensure the university’s emergency procedures are corresponding, ” Garcia continues.

For more information on OLLU PD or to report any suspicious activity and or emergency call 210-433-0911 (emergency only) or 210-431-4022 (non-emergency

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