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Students at Our Lady of the Lake University have raised a lot of question to the severity of the Coronavirus. some students have even portrayed the belief to whether there is an actual virus the world is fighting against. Interviews amongst multiple students were conducted to reveal how students feel about the issue. Students at OLLU are undergoing a conflict on whether they think Coronavirus is hoax or whether it is as serious as what its perceived. Currently enrolled student at Our Lady of the Lake University Tyler Giron keyed in on the issue and says “Covid-19 is something the government has made and the people of great wealth such as Bill Gates have intentionally spread this virus in order to win and gain financial profit”. However, there is a variety of students who have stated that they have lost family members and close ones due to the Coronavirus so opinions on the matter remained adamant on the belief that Coronavirus is a deadly virus which everyone must  take seriously.  

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A variety of students use social media at Our Lady of the Lake University, students would usually refer to social media for news, music,  games etc. Students at OLLU expressed that Major social media outlets such as Facebook , Instagram, snapchat etc. Frequently share information with what caused the major outbreak and also ways to prevent people falling victim to the Coronavirus, however, some students at Our Lady of the Lake University are frustrated with the information provided from these major social media platforms, with the belief that all information provided evidently contradict each other. Student at Our Lady of the Lake University Amber Manyose says “we are told that there is no cure for Coronavirus but my mother contracted Coronavirus and was given medication by a doctor in in which she made a full recovery from so what’s the use of the vaccine they are creating ?’  Once the virus has been contracted the Centers of Diseases and Control Prevention (CDC) have made it clear that there must be a minimum two-week quarantine in order for the virus to leave the body. However on October 5, 2020 according Dr Sean Conley a representative of the CDC who was the doctor taking care of Donald Trump whilst it was surfaced that he had contracted the Corona virus. Dr Conley  reported that the president “reports no symptoms of Covid 19 and vital signs are stable” which then led to president Trump being dismissed from hospital in order to continue his presidential campaign with his team, despite only spending less than 3 days in quarantine. Students at Our Lady of the Lake University voiced their opinion on the matter with regards to headlines released on Donald’s Trump rapid recovery despite regular protocol to quarantine for 14 days . Student Dezeree White said “It can’t be that serious because how does Donald Trump recover within a short amount of time and at an old age but there’s people who are dying or facing the brink of death due to the virus.

Furthermore, some students at our lady of the lake expressed their views  with regards to the vaccine being created, which is supposedly being made to prevent the spread of the virus.  However, people who contracted the Coronavirus was given medication in order to recover from the virus which people have made full recoveries with, so students are now questioning on what the use of a vaccine is for. Students believe that the vaccine being created can cause more harm to the body than if someone didn’t take it. So, students at our lady of the lake university have raised question as to why there is a vaccine being created if there is medication being provided which supposedly cures the virus. Student at our lady of the lake Atlantis keyed in on the issue and says “ the vaccine being created doesn’t make sense, why would they create a vaccine if there is already medication which heals people from the virus. And why must we even take any medication if it just takes 2 weeks of quarantining to recover from the virus?”

Although some students feel the need of no vaccine, there has been a large number of students at Our Lady of the Lake who are for the idea of a vaccine being created, student Keviona Brooks says” Coronavirus is a real thing and we as a people need to listen to what we are being told, I myself have contracted the virus and have recovered but in order for us to move forward we must listen to the guidelines being presented but at thus moment in time it seems that no one wants to follow protocol which is why we are where we at today”.

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