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By Chloe M. Brown

SAN ANTONIO—Our Lady of the Lake Mass Communications Department hosted a student film festival where students from two different film classes showed off short screenplays. These short films ranged from seven to twenty minutes long.

Students, staff, and outside OLLU community gathered together in Thiry Auditorium to watch the films. The film viewing was followed by a talkback where the directors of the films explained the idea behind their films and answered audience questions.

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Films screened:

Film Production 1

“The Theater Guru” Directed by Karina Martinez

“Ode to Autumn” Directed by D’Angelo Wallace

“A Dream within a Dream” Directed by Daniel Bommer

“Careers in Christmas Time” Directed by Lauren Primacio

“The Life of Skully and Cooter” Directed by Karina Marinez

“The Raven” Directed by Roberto Camero III

Film Production 2

“Being Her” Directed by Mali Clinton

“Mr. Zoot Suit” Directed by Chan’Cellore Makanjuola

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