By Sophia Mora

SAN ANTONIO – Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU) approved the attendance of athletics spectators on Tuesday, March 2, 2021. 

Fans have not been permitted at any athletic events since the 2020 fall season due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Our Lady of the Lake University athletic director, Shane Hurley, announced the approval of game bystanders for all OLLU sports on Tuesday, March 2. 

“I do believe that it is safe to have spectators at this point in time,” said Alyssa Guerra, assistant athletic trainer for OLLU. “Most of our sports that are in still in season are outdoor, which takes another risk factor away.” 

Not all restrictions have been lifted for the guests in attendance. There are still rules set in place that attendants must follow. Each rostered athlete is limited to only two spectators per game. Spectators are also only limited to family members.

Players are required to provide the names of their guests at least a day in advance of the athletic event. Should any player not anticipate guests for a game, they are not allowed to invite members outside of their family. However, they may lend their guest passes to fellow teammates who wish to invite more than two family members.

“Safety precautions include the obvious mask and social distance requirements, as well as, all spectators being required to pass a health screening before entering the facility,” Guerra said. “The number of spectators is also going to be significantly restricted to allow the ability to maintain safe social distance. These limitations allow us to keep our bubble of risk small.”

OLLU athletes have expressed their support in the decision to allow spectators as long as they follow the safety protocols set in place. 

“Having in person spectators makes the game more exciting because of them cheering for us,” said Dawson Brinkley, junior on the OLLU women’s soccer team. “Without them at the games, it’s pretty quiet besides the players talking. I think it is safe to have spectators if they follow the rules of social distancing and wearing their masks”

Brinkley said that she is happy that her family can now watch her play in her final two seasons.

These lifted restrictions only apply to home fans. Visiting team spectators will not be allowed.

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