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OLLU carries a rich legacy of Miss Fiesta winners

SAN ANTONIO – Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU) has an impressive list of Fiesta royalty winners. This year, one more student has been added to that list.

Rebekah Wynn, 21, is the San Antonio Queen of Soul and part of the Fiesta Royalty Court. She is a student at OLLU majoring in early childhood development and minoring in business.

She credits her mentor Lasandra Dolberry for encouraging her to participate in the Queen of Soul Organization pageant.
With no prior pageant experience, she was surprised and thrilled when she won.

“I was never in a pageant before, it was my first pageant, and I ended up winning,” Wynn said.

Wynn has been busy as the Queen of Soul, going around the community and being part of numerous events. After COVID-19 canceled Fiesta last year, San Antonio finally celebrated Fiesta this past June, and she is excited to be part of it all.

“It’s been super cool; I’ve been able to go around the community and participate in different events,” Wynn said.

The Queen of Soul Organization will hold its next pageant in March of 2022, where Wynn’s reign will end and crown her successor. As for now, she hopes to inspire girls of all ages to go out there and follow their dreams.

“I encourage little girls or anyone to just go for it, don’t let anyone tear down your worth because you can do it,” Wynn said.

Queen of Soul Rebekah Wynn and Fiesta’s Queen of Charro at Fiesta 2021.
Photo courtesy Rebekah Wynn

Wynn is enjoying her time at OLLU as a junior and is currently taking online classes.

“The school really touched my heart when I visited,” Wynn said. “Just to see that sense of community around campus and my professors are super awesome, and
I’m an RA, so I live on campus, and my residents are super awesome.”

After college Wynn plans to put her early childhood development degree to work.

“After college, my goal is to own a daycare,” Wynn said. “I will probably teach for a few years; then, once I get my feet wet a little bit, I plan to just go for it.”

Wynn encourages anyone who would like to participate in the Queen of Soul Organization pageant to do so. No prior

experience is necessary, and the only requirements are that you are a high school senior planning on going to college or currently enrolled in college.

Wynn said she has made great memories, met many new people, and has many takeaways from her experience.

“Just to be able to see everyone in the community and be more involved will be my biggest takeaway,” Wynn said.

Other OLLU Miss Fiesta alumni winners are Nancy Cicchese Davis (BS Home Economics’ 50), the first Miss Fiesta winner in 1949; Janelle Mayeux Ellis (BA English’ 62), Gloria Garza Rodriguez (BA Sociology ‘70, MEd’ 73), in 1970; Sandra Ojeda Medina (BA Psychology ‘75, MEd’ 80) in 1974;

Jackie Rodriguez Navar (BA Liberal Studies ‘01, MEd’ 04) in 2000; and Jessica Nicole Ramirez (BA Drama’ 09), in 2009.

If you would like more information about the San Antonio Queen of Soul Organization, please follow them on Facebook @saqueenofsoul.

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