SAN ANTONIO – Founders Week is approaching once again at Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU) to celebrate and honor the Founders of OLLU, The Sisters of Divine Providence.

Gloria Urrabazo, vice president of Mission and Ministry, tells us the importance of Founders Week.

“It is important for us, not only to know who our founders are; (but), to know their history,” Urrabazo said.

OLLU prides themselves on community and service. Urrabazo, wants students to know that service does not stop at OLLU.

“The Sisters of Divine Providence today, respond to the needs of the time,” Urrabazo said. “They are not only our founders but they are our sponsors and they are inviting us to the same; we have to give back to the community that is beyond the Lake.”

OLLU CDP of 41 years and Professor Emeritus of History, Sister Margit Nagy, explains that Founders Week involves everyone at OLLU and that it is a time of reflection.

“Students who are here now, the faculty and staff, whoever belongs at Our Lady of the Lake University now, has an opportunity during Founders’ Week; not only to think about how Our Lady of the Lake University was started by the Sisters of Divine Providence, but how their story fits in,” Sr. Margit said.

Sister Margit, leaves us with some encouraging words.

“Use Founders’ Week to take just a really short amount of time- if that’s all you have- to think about who am I called to be, not just what I am called to do,” Sr. Margit said.

Keep an eye out for events on Founders Week in early November.

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