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By Stephanie Garza 450. That is the number of student employees at Our Lady of the Lake University. That’s also the number of students who were being celebrated at OLLU this week during National Student Appreciation Week (April 9-15). On Tuesday, April 10, 2018, students, staff and faculty were treated to sausage wraps and popcorn from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. in the Mall area. Myra Martinez, Assistant Director of Financial Aid, oversees the Student Employment Program and said that giving the students something to eat during this week is just a way of saying “thank you.” “Our university would not run the way it does without them. They are placed in pretty much every office here on campus and they are an asset to everyone,” said Martinez. The Fiesta themed event was an opportunity to appreciate student employees and also served as a platform to give potential employees more information about the program at OLLU. Martinez said that being a student employee has its benefits, “it helps fulfill that financial gap, it’s a biweekly check that they can do anything they want with.” Martinez also encouraged students who may be interested to visit the Financial Aid or Student Employment Office in the Walter Center G23 for more information or assistance. There are two forms of programs available, on campus clerical or off campus community based programs. For Martinez, student employees are like family. “It’s sad when we graduate our students I actually have one that I am losing after four years who has been my all, they become family, they become part of the team,” said Martinez. Senior, Alexis Anzualda, was at the celebration. She has worked in the Student Leadership and Development Office for three years and encouraged others to do the same.“There are a lot of opportunities that students don’t know about and they really do help your resume and help you grow as a person and as a leader, they look at the small things that set you apart from everyone else,” said Anzualada.
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