April 22, 2021

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OLLU Baseball Seniors Leaving A Legacy

By Lake Front Staff

SAN ANTONIO—The Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU) baseball team is set to compete in this years Red River Athletic Conference (RRAC) tournament this weekend. The expectations are high and goals of winning a championship are in mind, but there is much more on the minds of several Saints players.

The OLLU Saints have six seniors on this year’s team, Josh Razo (INF/Pearland, Texas), Tyler Davis (INF/Weatherford, Texas), Austin Gallego (INF/Bryan, Texas), Anthony DeJesus (C/Sugarland, Texas), Leudy Betancourt (INF/Danbury, Conn.) and David Marte (P/Boston, Mass.) all of which were apart of the Saints inaugural team last year. As these seniors travel to the tournament they understand that this weekend could potentially be the last games they play for the rest of their lives.

While several of these players are excited for graduation and taking the next steps in their professional life, it is without question that there is some sadness and bittersweet feelings as they come to an ending in their athletic careers.

“I’ve come to terms that this is it for me and I am ready for the next chapter of my life” says senior Joshua Razo, “but don’t get me wrong, when that final game comes to an end I am going to be upset.”

Like all athletes who have played sports or a specific sport their whole life, these individuals look at baseball than much more than just a game. For many of them they began playing baseball at the earliest of ages.

“It’s all I have ever really known,” says senior Austin Gallego, “the relationships I have built, the life lessons I have learned, the adversity I have overcame, all have come from the game of baseball.”

As they mature in their lives and become husbands, parents, business professionals, or whatever the case may be, they will look back at the experiences they had playing this game and know that they have molded in to the men they are today because of it.

This group of seniors will be the first graduating class in OLLU baseball history. Not only did they earn their spots when the program first came to establishment, but they worked hard to create something for future Saints. They laid the foundation for the program and set expectations for the players to come. Ultimately leaving behind a proud legacy.

“It’s reassuring to know that we were the first group of guys to come through the program, and although we know our time is over, we can always look back on these two years and remember what we did and the importance of our group” said senior David Marte.

However, this group of seniors wants to leave behind much more than just being the first group to come through the program.

“We want to win a championship” says senior Anthony DeJesus. “We want to bring home a trophy and leave it as a reminder who we were.”

Trophy or not, this group of individuals has left their mark on the program, and will be remembered for a long time in terms of OLLU baseball.

(Photos Courtesy OLLU Sports  Information Office)

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