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By Laura Miguel

SAN ANTONIO—Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU) alumni was one of the guest speakers on the second day of the OLLU Mass Commference 2021.

Angelica Casas, senior video journalist for BBC News, spoke to students on Wednesday, April 27. The session highlighted about her college experience and how that help her work for the largest global news organization.

“When I was at OLLU, I did not think I was going to be a video journalist or at BBC News,” Casas said.

Casas is a San Antonio native. Her interest in journalism started when she would write for her high school’s newspaper. During her time at OLLU, she wrote for the Lake Front Newspaper and was editor and chief for her last two years. Casas graduated with a bachelor of arts in mass communication and Spanish. She also obtained a Master of Journalism from the University of California Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism.

“I think that story telling is the best way for us to learn about each and about the world,” Casas said. “That’s why I do it.”

Casas said that when she first started working, she thought she was going to be pitching stories, filming, and editing. Later, she learned that it was a lot of work, mainly because she is usually by herself.

In the presentation, Casas mentioned some of the challenges and obstacles that can be faced as journalist. She also explained how she deals with reporting on trauma.

“I think the biggest motivation for me is the people that I meet,” said Casas. “I take seriously having a relationship with my sources… because I genuinely care about them and what they’re going through.”

Casas said that some skills she has learned throughout her journalism career are being good listener, staying curious and being confident in yourself.

At the end of her presentation, Casas gave students a list of resources to students in journalism and even offer mentoring students. She can be contacted through her twitter (@AngelicaMCasas) or Instragram (@angelicamariacasasbbc).

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