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Welcome back students and staff to a brand new semester! With every new year comes a resolution and mine is to be more positive and excited for this upcoming semester! 

This week the February edition of The Lake Front newspaper will hit the drop boxes and it has received a major redesign that I am beyond proud of. 

First the cover now includes a lead story instead of just an image and quotes. The highlights bar has moved to the bottom of the cover page and has changed from black to a blue color to represent school spirit from our staff. I’m also excited to have added an editorial on page two and I hope to make staff columns like this a big hit this semester! 

Another change we have made is adding news from the Rio Grande Valley and Houston Our Lady of the Lady University campuses. We as a staff realized the significance behind sharing news from all of the OLLU campuses and are excited to have added this feature.

The order of pages has also changed so you can find news from pages four to seven, arts and sports features from pages eight to nine and lifestyle stories from pages 10 to 12.

Also we added captions to pictures, because what good is an image if you don’t know what’s going on.

If you remember back to my October column when I originally took the editor-in-chief position I love changing things up. As a biology major I realize the importance of adapting to new situations and scenarios, and The Lake Front really hasn’t received a significant redesign since 2014!

We are also working to adding more ideas, artwork and submissions from the student body. We once again have a brand new staff and each person is excelling in their position. Be sure to follow our facebook page, twitter and instagram to share your input! 

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