By Alexa Saavedra SAN ANTONIO—As students of a private university, it is expected to carry heavy tuition rates on our shoulder. Whether it’s by scholarships, student loans or out of pocket payments, some students outsource ways they can finance their school tuition. “As a student who does not have financial aid coverage, I have to work full time to afford the leftover tuition my scholarship doesn’t cover,” Senior Philip Cardenas said. In a national student engagement survey conducted by OLLU, data “showed we have seventy-some percentage of seniors whom may not be able to return or don’t return because they have run out of financial aid,” explained Dr. Michael Laney, former Dean of College of Arts & Sciences. To alleviate financial need, the idea of what is now called the Wings Up Summer Tuition Grant (WUSTG), gave birth in reflection to the ACCD or Alamo College Summer Momentum Plan model.   In greater detail, the WUSTG funds six to eight credits to juniors and seniors who have completed a minimum of 30 college credits in the previous Fall and Spring semesters combined.  This grant covers tuition fees for those interested in taking summer courses alleviating financial stress and providing a fast track to graduation. “They key in all this is helping students to make satisfactory academic progress,” Laney explains. There is no need to apply; if you qualify the grant award will automatically become available. “Students should be aware of this program, most think things such as that might have a long application process but this could be something students take advantage of instead of taking a whole summer off of school,” Cardenas said. Minor regulations include grant recipients having to be pre-registered full-time for the Fall or Spring semester. Also, students must maintain current account balance and have no outstanding holds. For more information on the Wings Up Summer Tuition Grant contact the Financial Aid Office at 210-431-3960 or toll free 800-324-4310 or by email at
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