June 21, 2021

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New Printing Equipment Debuts On Campus

New Xerox printers combine scanning and printing technology in public study areas,

By Montie Chavez

SAN ANTONIO—New high-tech printers allow Our Lady of the Lake students to print from anywhere on the campus and provide new functions.

As students and faculty began a new spring semester, not only were new classes awaiting them, but many were surprised with the new printers in all of the main student study areas and computer labs. These new Xerox multiFunction Devices not only print, but also have a built-in scanner for scanning documents to various online cloud storage sites, or to a thumbdrive.

As students attempted to use the new printers there were mixed reactions.  “At first they are really confusing, but once you get the hang of them they are good,” OLLU Junior Adrian Delgado said.
The printers have been part of an ongoing change of equipment that began November 1, 2017 to change out old printing equipment and replace them with new state of the art printing technology. According to the IT webpage part of the change in technology is due to OLLU  renegotiating its lease contract with Dahill, the print service provider.

For a user friendly guide to using the new Xerox machines click here.

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