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SAN ANTONIO- The owner of Taco Garage and Burleson Yard Beer Garden recently opened a third restaurant that welcomes guests as well as their canine companions.

Hops and Hounds is the most recent product of owner Lee Beekly, known for his restaurants Taco Garage and Burleson Yard Beer Garden. Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, Hops and Hounds was delayed in its opening. Though initially supposed to be up and running by April 2020, the bar did not feature a soft opening until May 26, 2021.

Photo credit: Hops & Hounds Facebook page.

Despite opening in the middle of a pandemic, Hops and Hounds generated business from the beginning.

Before the mask mandate was lifted in Texas, the dog-friendly bar enforced social distancing, encouraged their outdoor dining area, and required masks for all guests. They offered curbside pick-up to accommodate anyone who was uncomfortable dining in public. Since the establishment’s opening, its popularity has grown rapidly.

“It is super unique because even though some places are pet-friendly, Hops and Hounds makes it a special place for your pup,” said Mikaela Gilbert, Our Lady of the Lake University alumnae. “They have a full dog park with lots of obstacles separate from the dining area. They make it perfect for dogs of any size!”

Photo credit: Hops & Hounds Facebook page.

Although known for the on-site dog parks and pet-friendly seating area, Hops and Hounds has been praised for its menu as well.

“My favorite food is definitely the wings,” Gilbert said. “You can never go wrong with traditional buffalo wings, and Hops and Hounds are definitely at the top of my list for favorite wings.”

Photo credit: Hops & Hounds Facebook page.

Hops and Hounds features a sizeable outdoor turf area where tables feature leash attachments so guests may enjoy their meal without worrying about losing their pup. The outdoor area also features live music for guests to enjoy as well as ping pong and corn hole games. Next to the outdoor dining area are two dog parks. The Small Hounds Area allows a leash-free space for small dogs and calm tempered dogs to socialize, while the Large Hounds Area is better suited for larger canines or high-energy dogs.

Photo credit: Hops & Hounds Facebook page.

“Overall, my favorite thing is the environment,” Gilbert said. “It’s a great place to hang out with family or friends (including the furry ones) and play games or just socialize.”

Even though Hops and Hounds offer guests a dog-friendly dining experience, guests without dogs can enjoy an indoor dining section where canines are not allowed. If you are interested in visiting the dog-friendly location, it is located at 13838 Jones Maltsberger Rd. To find out more about Hops and Hounds, visit their website

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