“To Love another person is to see the face of God”-Victor Hugo (Les Miserables 2013).

Among the graduating seniors, Montie Chavez, a Mass Communications major with an emphasis in public relations and a minor in Marketing, will soon leave Our Lady of the Lake University to explore new heights.

Surprisingly, Chavez has attended eight colleges and lived in seven cities in the last seven years. He began his undergrad in Cleveland, Ohio, attending Lakeland Community College and John Carroll University while enrolled at Borromeo Seminary. “I just began my formation or training to become a Franciscan Brother,” Chavez said. 

As he moved through his religious time in life, he also attended Regis University and St. John Vianney Seminary in Denver. After moving to San Antonio in the Fall of 2016, he began his time at OLLU. In addition to OLLU, Chavez also took classes at the Mexican American Catholic College and at San Antonio Community College. Chavez chose OLLU “because it was a Catholic University. It also had a degree program that [he] was interested in, however, [he] eventually transferred into the mass communication department.” Chavez explains his deep appreciation for OLLU, saying, “I love the interaction with the staff and students that I am able to have. At a larger University, I know this would be much more challenging.”

After graduation, Chavez hopes to get a job and discern his calling in life. He has applied all over the country, and even in Canada. “I’m looking forward to my next great adventure,” he said. Chavez also expresses that having been in a religious order has prepared and formed him to be the man he is today.

“There will be times when you are let down in life. It may come from family, friends, you might even feel let down by God at times. But it is during these moments that you will look back on in the future, and see them as a grace-filled moment, and a gift. You won’t recognize it, but God is quietly doing some work on you,” Chavez said.

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