By Br. Montie Chavez SAN ANTONIO—New changes have been made to the Wings Up Summer Tuition Grant requirements at Our Lady of the Lake which will be implemented during the upcoming summer sessions. The WUSTG provides six to eight credit hours, free of charge to juniors and seniors who have completed 60 credit hours and a minimum of 30 college credits in the previous fall and spring semesters combined. Previous language in the requirements gave the impression that the grant only applies for rising seniors, whereas the new language is inclusive for both juniors and and seniors.   “I heard about this last year but I wasn’t too sure about all the details of it. I would absolutely love to be in this program. It’s a great way to catch up or get ahead in your classes,” Freshman Anna Boone said. Although Boone is not eligible for the grant, she looks forward to the possibility to take advantage of the grant in future years. “It broadens from the literal words, to [now] say that we want juniors and seniors to participate in this program.” Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Marcheta Evans said.  For more information, or questions regarding the grant, contact the OLLU Business Office at 210-434-6711, ext. 2353 or by email at
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