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By Melissa Aguirre

SAN ANTONIO – Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU) is offering students, faculty and staff a “Space to Breath” during the week in hopes to help ease the stress of the weekly hustle.

OLLU’s Ministry Office invites everyone to their Ministry Monday’s, Space to Breath, sessions for guided meditation and open discussions about general life topics. Students, faculty and staff can attend in person or virtually on Instagram by following @olluministry.

Space to Breath offers two sessions at 3 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. on Monday’s for students and Wednesday’s at 4 p.m. for faculty and staff in the Lakeview Amenities Room. 

“Our main focus is just [to create] some space, some prayerful meditative space for students, faculty and staff,” said OLLU Director of Ministry, Crieghton Chadler, Ph.D . “To be able to take stock to what’s going on in their lives, to be able to listen to themselves as sacred beings and learn how to their lives in a way that really lives out the missions of the school where we are. Those core values of community, integrity and trust.”

Photo Credit: @olluministry

Third year student minister Aaron Marrufo said that the ministry offers help to grow spiritually whether it’s by meditation, journaling or religion. 

“Sometimes we need that in between space to relax, to breath and to realize we are still human, and I feel this space is created so we can take that time to reflex spiritually as to what we can do for the community and each other,” Marrufo said. 

Photo Credit: @olluministry

Students can find the Ministry Office inside the Elliot House which is located on campus, and they encourage students to drop by if they ever need someone to talk to. 

“One thing [students] often don’t know, but we often try and let them know is that if they need someone to talk to, if they need a listening heart, reach out to us,” said Chandler.  “You can come in person, you don’t need an appointment at the Elliot house, someone will always be there and we are glad to stop what we are doing and listen.” 

For more information, about OLLU Ministry please visit them on (FaceBook) @ollu.ministry, (InstaGram) @olluministry, and (Twitter) @OLLUministry.

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