January 22, 2021

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Construction Near Continues Campus

By Tyler Davis

SAN ANTONIO—The Our Lady of the Lake University campus is surrounded by several main roads used throughout San Antonio. Many of these roads are currently under construction or in the process of being under construction, creating a chaos for those attempting to reach or leave campus.

These repair projects are results from both, the City of San Antonio’s 2012-2017 Bond Program and The Infrastructure Management Program. Both programs are intended to focus on the maintenance and improvement of streets, sidewalks, bridges, parks, drainage facilities, and community throughout the city of San Antonio.

The 2012-2017 Bond Program is a $596 million bond package that was approved by San Antonio citizens is May 2012.  It consisted of 140 projects scheduled to be completed in the year of 2017. 41 of these projects consisted of streets, bridges, and sidewalks repair. 16 of these projects still remain under construction.

This map shows all of the projects scattered throughout San Antonio. The green dots identify specific maintenance.

Infrastructure Management Program is also a five-year rolling program that began at the beginning of 2016. The IMP is intended to provide the City of San Antonio a structured program schedule, potential multiple year contract awards, improved utility coordination, and the best possible maintenance.

Because both project programs are now working at the same time, the number of roads being torn apart for repair are increasing.

Residents of San Antonio can look forward to the completion of the 2012 Bond Program in the coming year, but the Infrastructure Management Program will be no sooner than the year 2020 for completion.

For more information regarding the City of San Antonio’s project plans visit http://www.sanantonio.gov/TCI/Projects/InfrastructureManagementProgram.aspx or http://www.sanantonio.gov/2012Bond

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