April 22, 2021

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More Time For School Work For Athletes During Season

SAN ANTONIO – Many athletes put in around fifty plus hours during the season committing their time to the sport that they are in. Those fifty hours are mandatory that the student-athlete has to divide between practices, lift sessions, watching film, and coaches’ meetings; not including travel hours, game prep and game hours.

While the topic of athletes getting more time for their classwork during the season has been going back and forth between regular students and student-athletes, there are some who feel as though they should be given the extra time.

“I have a lot of friends who are student-athletes and during their seasons I see them come to class some times feeling so discouraged and tired because they have not slept the night before because they got back into town from a game late,” said Kimberly Chavez. “I feel bad for them because sometimes they don’t turn in assignments and the teacher gets mad and doesn’t give them any help.”

Student-athletes are held to a higher standard within the university to have an almost perfect reputation in the classroom and their sports. Student-athletes are sometimes given an amount of stress and responsibility during the season that has been shown to be unbearable to a young athlete at times. Many coaches and athletic directors have pushed to have it mandatory that professors give these athletes more time during the season to make it easier on the athlete and professor to deal with during the semester.

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