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By Gabby Cavazos SAN ANTONIO—One of the nation’s largest marches on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day has remained true to its roots by remaining in San Antonio’s historic east side. East side residents became distraught and angered by a recent suggestion by City Council Representative, Alan Warrick, to relocate the march to Hemisfair Park in downtown. Participants of the march took their thoughts to social media, made phone calls to the city, and a petition was created by New Way Baptist Fellowship Church to recall Warrick. With the overall disapproval of the suggestion, Warrick retracted his suggestion publicly. “I made a mistake in thinking that we could ever take the march off the east side of San Antonio,” he said. “It would have been very difficult with the logistics, and the plan will be moved back till 2017.” The councilman has ambitions for the march in 2017 that includes inviting Ellen DeGeneres as an honored guest speaker. As for this year, the 29th annual Martin Luther King, Jr. March is scheduled for January 18, 2016 on San Antonio’s east side, and is expecting over 200,000 adults and children. The march brings together people from the surrounding community to march as one, and make the concept of unity into a physical reality. Several educational events are scheduled to tribute the legacy of Dr. King, and his activism on advancing humanity. The route of the march will begin at 10 a.m. on the 3500 block of MLK Drive, and will conclude at Pittman-Sullivan Park.
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