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One of The Lake Front’s very own Co-Editors, Marina Flores, is graduating with her Master of Arts degree in Literature, Creative Writing and Social Justice.

Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Communication Arts from St. Mary’s University, Flores wanted to continue her education in a close-knit community with small class sizes for her Master’s program. Our Lady of the Lake University has given Marina two years of learning, growth and inspiration. OLLU also taught Marina to be genuine and to be herself, especially as scholar, a Latina and as a feminist. “My program taught me that I have a voice, an opinion and that what I have to say contributes to a higher purpose and conversation in society,” she said.

Flores has dreams to be an established writer, sharing her opinions on social injustices in magazines and journals. During her time here, Marina also fell in love with creative nonfiction and the craft behind the different methods of storytelling. She was also a fiction editor for OLLU’s literary journal, The Thing Itself.

Flores enjoyed being part of a program that included her and also enjoyed  making lasting friendships with other graduate students who shared the same passions in writing. “I loved feeling like I was part of a program that valued my presence and contributions in and out of the classroom,” she said.

With inspiration from known writers such as Naomi Shihab Nye, Sandra Cisneros and Erika L. Sanchez, along with inspirations from her mother and grandmother’s successes, Marina has flourished as an up and coming writer. Know her name. Expect to see works written by Marina Flores change the world, one word at a time. 

For any undergraduate student or anyone thinking about attending graduate School, Marina offers advice. “Take the time to find a school and program that interests you, one that you can see yourself investing the next two or three years of your time in. Get to know students and professors. Sit in on a class before you apply and get a taste of what could be on the horizon. Ask questions and ensure that the program you are looking into will challenge you.”

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