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Heart-Valentine1By Lupe Hernandez SAN ANTONIO—The day where love will fill the air is coming. Yes, Valentine’s Day will fall on Sunday this year and people everywhere will celebrate with their love ones. People view this day as the most romantic time of the year. Valentine’s day is prime time to tell ones closest that you care. Sophomore, Melody Villarreal, states, “Valentine’s Day is wonderful, I love chocolates and giving gifts.” Villarreal goes on to say, “it’s a great time to tell my family and boyfriend I care about them.” This writer concurs; a day to show love is great. Of course, every day is a day to show some love and courage. However, Valentine’s Day is a unique day. Chocolates, roses, and fancy dinners are all the rage—and discounted. For all the Valentine’s Day lovers out there, this day is special. It is a day to celebrate love around the world.  Regardless if you are single or in a relationship, tell a friend across the ocean that you care, tell your parents and siblings you love them and tell you significant others how they make your world go ‘round.
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