SAN ANTONIO – For many Our Lady of the Lake University students graduating this December, the dream of leaving the classroom forever will finally become a reality as they venture on into the professional workforce. However, for OLLU senior Victoria Gonzalez, this fall’s ceremony will not be the last time she walks the stage.

To those who her know her best, Gonzalez is notorious for her distinct personality and trademark optimism, two qualities that she holds dear to her heart. “My mom has always said you could put me in a room with the worst of the worst, and I’ll find something good in them,” said Gonzalez. “I love that, personality wise, I can find things in people to relate to.”

Born and raised in San Antonio alongside her three sisters, Gonzalez is a purebred Texan with a passion for family. When asked about the individuals who have served as an inspiration to her over the years, the soon-to-be graduate stated that her father undoubtedly takes the title. “I look up to my father because no matter what, he works hard and does his best without complaint…He’s undoubtedly the greatest man I know.”

Gonzalez attended Brandeis High School before joining the ranks of her fellow Saints at OLLU. While attending Brandeis, Gonzalez states that her favorite memories are synonymous with her passion for socialization and sports, particularly softball. Surprisingly, although the senior majored in Biology with a minor in Chemistry during her academic stint at The Lake, Gonzalez revealed that her attraction to the career field was not a childhood fascination, but rather a high school realization. However, this newfound interest soon blossomed into a healthy obsession.



While she might have saved gas money by attending the University of Texas at San Antonio — the senior explained that she lives decidedly closer to UTSA’s main campus as opposed to OLLU — academic scholarships and smaller class sizes served as key selling points when it came time to choose a university. Similarly, as a member of Sigma Zeta, a national science and mathematics honor society, Gonzalez championed the individual opportunities that OLLU provides for students looking to succeed. In addition, she noted that the genuine relationships formed between students and professors is an aspect of her college experience that she cherishes.

“Just keep going,” Gonzalez answered when asked about advice she could provide to undergraduates. “It sounds cliché, and that’s what everyone says, but it’s true.” Similarly, the senior advised that students should actively seek out help from their professors in times of need, both academic and personal.

Following her graduation from OLLU, Gonzalez will participate in volunteer research at the UT Health Center this upcoming March. Afterward, she plans on traveling and taking some time to herself before she attends medical school where she will study to be an obstetrician-gynecologist (OB-GYN), a doctor who specializes in women’s health.

If all goes according to plan, Gonzalez hopes to have a family and be employed in a biology-related career within the next 10 years. “I want to be helping people and solving problems,” said Gonzalez concerning her future endeavors. “I just want to be happy.”

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