Find out what you need to know before switching college majors.

SAN ANTONIO – Many students attend a university with a specific major in mind. However, after a few classes they realize it’s no longer the right fit for them and want to change majors.

Loren DeLeon began as a biology major before changing her major to mass communications during the Spring 2017 semester. “I was first a biology major and I wasn’t really passionate about it and the film classes were much more my pace,” she said.

Director of Center of Career Development and Testing and career advisor Jaime Andres said that it is common to see students change their major. “A lot of us have changed majors and that happens as we move on in our college years as we experience new opportunities and programs,” he said.

Andres suggests getting involved in groups or clubs related to your major to gain some insight on what your degree will bring you. “Get involved in an activity that can apply the skills and knowledge that they are learning in the classroom, so they can expand that vision,” he said.

If a student is looking to change majors it is advised to first speak with your advisor before doing so. Our Lady of the Lake University advisors will also have the form to switch majors or students can go to the Registrar’s Office in Walter Service Center to get the form.

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