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With the Lake View Apartments being added to Our Lady of the Lake University earlier in January, OLLU celebrated with having the new apartments be blessed.

The Lake View Apartments were added to Our Lady of the Lake University at the beginning of this year. OLLU hosted a blessing ceremony for the building on October 25th.

Freshman, Ayala Adams, said, “To be honest I thought that every building was blessed, so since this is a relatively new place. I think it will be very special. It doesn’t do any harm.”

Father Kevin Fausz, University Chaplin, said, “It is a exciting time to see them brought to completion and for us to be able to bless them and to celebrate the board, the university and ultimately the good for the students.”

Fausz provided us a schedule of the event. Fausz said,” There will be some initial comments by the head of Board of Trusties, Dr.Mebly, and a student. Then will go into a scripture reading, some prayer, and the blessing.”

Fausz describes how the blessing happens. Fausz said, “We will say a prayer blessing over the building. We will then go and sprinkle holy water on the building and we will place a cross on the wall. In other words, blessing it and making it holy. Asking Gods protection of the building and the residents that live there.”

Lake Front Reporter, Erica Guevara said, “I am here at the lake view apartments where not only are the Lake View Apartments getting blessed, but you can get some lunch.”

Fausz explains why it is important to bless the apartments. Fausz said, “This is what i would call holy ground. This is holy ground because the Lord is present and also because the people who are here.”

Fausz is excited about the Lake View Apartments and the blessing. Fausz said, ” I am just happy to be here. Tt was great to be here for the ground breaking. It is great to be here now for the dedication and I hear great things about the building. It looks wonderful and I am very happy for the university and for the students. It really is about the students.”


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