October 26, 2020

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Improvements On Lake Begin

A new sidewalk is being built near the lake's banks.

By Justin Chatman

SAN ANTONIO—One of the qualities of Our Lady of the Lake University is the ambiance of the Gothic architecture buildings and the lake adjacent to the campus. However, in the summer of 2015, the Elmendorf Lake went under construction.

In 2012, voters from the City of San Antonio approved a bond of $14.25 million to make improvements to Elmendorf Lake Park.

Commissioner Paul Elizondo and Councilwoman Shirley Gonzales led the charge to get the bond passed. They also presided over a ceremony to celebrate the passing of the bond. According to westsidecreek.com, renovations will contain additional bridge crossings across the lake, pier trails, a fishing pier, picnic areas throughout the park, and a larger plaza area for social gatherings. Other additions will include lake fountains and aeration bubbles, rain gardens and bio-swales. Mysanantonio.com stated the, “bio-swales and aerator will reduce surface runoff of containments and sediment into the lake and oxygenate the water for fish and other wildlife as part of the project.”

Students are very excited for the new renovations that are being made to the lake. Majorities have said that they will be happy that the lake will be getting a new kind of filtering system. Freshman Madison Wilber gave her personal statement on what the lake meant to her. She said, “the atmosphere of the lake is amazing. It was a place to just sit and relax or just reflect on what has happen throughout the day.” Ariana Ruiz, a Junior stated, “I enjoy just watching and feeding the ducks while I walk around the lake. It was a great place to think and enjoy the day, and realize how great life is.”

Elmendorf Lake is said to be finished in July of 2016. Soon the lake will be a place for more families and students of OLLU.

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