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SAN ANTONIO – Jefitos Kutz opened its doors in February of 2019 with a mission to give more than just a great haircut. Barber and Manager Ricardo Gonzalez Jr., known as “Big Rick” to his clients, wanted to give back to his neighborhood by providing more than just a great haircut.

“If you go somewhere else, it’s like $30-$45, but you can come here and it’s only $20,” said Jefitos Kutz customer David Morgan.

Jefitos located next door to Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU), making it a short walk for students who need a high-quality haircut at a low price.

Big Rick and his team of barbers have sponsored sports teams throughout the neighborhood. Jefitos has sponsored Kennedy high school sports and a dodge ball tournament here at OLLU fall of 2019.

“I wanted it to be a place where kids could come, and I could talk to them, and at least I know I can help out one kid and let them know this is my neighborhood too and give them confidence,” said Gonzalez.

Big Rick knows the struggles many kids in the neighborhood face since he faced many of the same. Like many kids in the neighborhood, he feels lucky to have had his grandmother there for him. Rick had a special message for his grandmother and other grandparents out there.

“I just want her to know that all this is for you and thank you to all the grandparents that are out here taking care of their grandchildren,” said Gonzalez.

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