May 16, 2021

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Karina Martinez, a filmmaker from the lake

Behind the scenes

Santiago Reyes

SAN ANTONIO TX– Karina Martinez a film maker and senior at Our Lady of The Lake University. As a daughter of an immigrant family from Mexico, Karina came to Our Lady of the Lake undecided on what she wanted to be. She felt as if  she needed to major in something with great importance to society, and for this reason she was a Biology/chemistry major. She felt as if she needed to make what her parents sacrifice meaningful. Even though she wanted to make her family proud, she was not happy. When grades were dropping and the realization that she was not passionate about biology, she sat with her parents and decided to pursue what made her happy. Martinez said, “in reality my parents came here for me to be happy.” Martinez found her love when she pursued film and drama.

Martinez said, “as soon as I started taking film and theater classes, I found my calling, my passion, my place.” Martinez is thankful for the opportunity she’s had to learn from professors like, Professor Winstead and Professor Lewis. She believes that film is important to people, and that it is a way to express yourself through the process of creating films for people to love and enjoy. She said “film allows me to show my voice through motion picture.”

Martinez came in to OLLU and was involved from the start, not only did she keep up with her classes, social life and work, she also was involved in many school activities. She was very involved with the Sisters of Devine Providence, she was part of the Providence leadership program and even became a CDP associate and worked with the Mobile Ministry.

In more resent accomplishments Martinez has been a reporter for the Lake Front News since 2016. She is a current stage manager at the 24th streets theater here at OLLU and has even produced two of her own plays. She has currently written and filmed her first short film.

Karina Martinez is an aspiring and talented film maker here at Our Lady of the Lake and she hopes to make her family proud when she receives her college degree the day of graduation.

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