By Victoria Arroyo

SAN ANTONO—Let us discuss an age-old question that has no right or wrong answer.  Do opposite people have an automatic attraction to each other because of their differences? This does not necessarily apply between your significant other; friends can be in the mix as well.

For as long as anyone  can remember, the term “opposites attract,” or a form of that statement, has been used.
Let us first define “opposite.” There truly is no such thing as opposite because everyone has something in common with someone else – whether it be the fact that they are alive, both like the color blue, etc. So let’s consider “opposite” as having different interests, such as Science versus English.

Once you define what you think opposite means, then it becomes easier to answer the question altogether. And no one can say one is right and one is wrong for both are right depending on the person.

Abigail Hinshaw, a student, does not agree with the cliché.

“Opposites do not attract, point blank similarities do,” Hinshaw said.

Lucila Valenzuela, a student resident assistant, said the statement is true.

“I definitely do think opposites attract,” Valenzuela said. “You are so used to your own ways that when someone with different qualities comes our way, you take notice and get curious, which leads to wanting to know more (about the person).”

There we have two head butting opinions with logic reasoning behind their decisions. Now which to choose? This is left up to you as an individual person.

If you have not, then I suggest doing so for the question may come up soon enough. Think about it, look at the people you surround yourself with. Notice what your commonalities and differences are. From there, look at which list is longer and you may start noticing a pattern.

This unanswered question has been left so for the very reason it cannot have a definite answer. It is not black and white; there is a gray area in between that often goes unnoticed. So next time someone asks you if opposites attract, let them know what you think and nothing more, because a definite yes or no answer is nonexistent.

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