SAN ANTONIO – Hearts pounding, sweat flowing and the overwhelming barrages of excitement are the key attributes that create an amazing experience in sports. Starting Sept. 16, the Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU) community will get a chance to engage in that type of experience with a new event on campus called Intramural Sports.

Sand volleyball and basketball will be serving as the two main sports for this semester. OLLU’s Campus Recreation Coordinator, Kyle Belback, announces the event in hopes of getting the OLLU community out and active. Creating this event for the OLLU community, Belback expressed his desire to give a fun, active environment for the students. Belback said, “I wanted to bring the community together to give the students a chance to formulate teams with other students, and their friends on campus.”

During the Intramural Sports event, students will get the chance to form a team and then play against an opposing team. Belbeck said, “Students can get their players beforehand and come up with a team name, so from week to week, they’ll know who they’re playing against. It would be a more scheduled, planned team-focused style of sports.”

Any students wishing to engage in this event can come and be part of a team even if they come alone. Belbeck said, “If you are an individual and you want to come to play sand volleyball or basketball, what we’ll do is we’ll work to find a team for you to play with so you can be part of that team.”

For the near future for the event of Intramural Sports, the program is wishing to develop more variety in their sports to draw in students from all over the campus. Belbeck said, “My goal is to continue to expand the programs, year after year I want to see more teams in this event. This is the first session extending from Sept. 16, through Oct. 18, but after that, we’ll have some more sports going on, and I got a few open ideas of some outdoor sports that we can do once the weather cools down a bit.”

Belback wishes for students to take part in this event and the opportunities that it presents for the community. Belbeck said, “I love the bonding and friendship of the students, and for them having fun, competing in a healthy and safe environment where they can stay fit physically, stay sharp mentally while having fun against their peers.”

Intramural Sports begins on Sept. 16, and ends on Oct. 18, for session one. Students will be able to play basketball on Mondays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. at the University Wellness and Activities Center (UWAC), and sand volleyball on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. at the Sand Courts near parking lot B.

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