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By Monique Cortez SAN ANTONIO—Love is love, and factors such as ethnicity should never come into conflict with love, right? As we near Valentine’s Day and Black History Month, the thought of individuals against interracial couples may seem in the past, but prohibition of interracial couples was still active until sixteen years ago. Interracial couples have been around long before slavery and segregation and can be further read about on PBS’s article titled, “Interracial Relationships that Changed History” . On the website, you can read about different interracial relationships throughout history. Although their efforts strived for acceptance in the future, even a simple Cheerios commercial featuring an interracial child and her parents was able to spike controversy today. An interview with Tatiana Johnson, a child of an interracial couple and currently dating someone of a different race, expressed her thoughts on where society’s mindset, regarding interracial marriages, derives from and a possible solution. Johnson states, “What is most reflective of society’s current mindset is seen in our media and chiefly our cinema. Interracial couples will not truly or ‘fully’ be a common place thing until we see more interracial couples projected on the big screen as they are in real life. It’s only natural”.  
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