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SAN ANTONIO — Our Lady of The Lake University’s (OLLU) Volleyball team has created a group that helped athletes on and off the court, in the summer of 2021.

This year was the first year that OLLU volleyball had created a leadership group where members of the team serve as leaders and mentors to their teammates. The leaders control the energy, momentum, and help their teammates under pressure.

Senior volleyball player Alyssa Gallardo is a member of the OLLU volleyball leadership group. She said that it is important that all teams have a leadership group that can provide extra support on and off the court.

“I think good leadership builds a good foundation for the team and when things do not go right on the court, it is easier to bring the team up on the court when you know what to do.” Gallardo said.

Head volleyball coach Scott Mattera, chairs the volleyball leadership group. He said, when being a leader there is a lot of challenges, but he expresses the importance that leaders provide structure, support, and unity within a team.

“The intangible like leadership, and being a good teammate, and energy management, those are all skills and you have to practice skills and equip people with the skills so that you can expect that during performance”, Mattera said.

Mattera closed with a positive note, “We have seen a lot of benefits from it, just in terms of management, expectations, and things like that. We have hit a little bit of a rough spot, lost a few matches, so now we are going to find out if this has been working or not. I would say the girls in the group have found this beneficial and fun to be a part of.”

For more information regarding leadership, contact Scott Matter through email at

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