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SAN ANTONIO– Athletes will explain the importance of club sports.

Rob Cantwell played club sports growing up. He said that it is because of club sports that have prepared him for his leadership role at USAA.

Cantwell said, “Playing club sports not only prepares you to develop the skills specific for the sport you want to play, but it also develops you as a person.”

For those that may not be familiar with club sports, it is an organized group, targeted for kids ages four to eighteen. Playing club sports help promote and develop interest in a particular sport. It also provides opportunity for children to learn skills for school, help with relationships, and future careers.

Kendra Grimm, who is a high school student athlete has been playing club sports since the age of four. She explained, the importance how organization and good time management has been helpful, when being outside of club sports.

Grimm said, “It definitely heightened my teammate and communication skills, not only on the court ,but off the court as well. So when I am doing a project for school and we have to work as a team, I make sure everyone gets their ideas down.”

Club sports had such an impact on Cantwell’s life that he now coaches as well as works at USSA. He said, “You have to understand what dedication, and commitment, and loyalty is and it will help you later on in life when you are preparing for a job. It helps you understand teaming and leadership and what you have to sacrifice to be successful.”

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