SAN ANTONIO -To spotlight the album’s project, Tyler the Creator promoted his GOLF le FLEUR 2022 winter collection and tour dates based on his recent Grammy-nominated album, “Call Me If You Get Lost.” 

Tyler the Creator’s second U.S. number-one album, “Call Me If You Get Lost,” continues to gain attention in 2022 by implementing a GOLF le FLEUR winter collection and tour to finish its campaign.  

Once the controversial artist, Tyler has grown in his conglomerate success. He creates productions from fashion shows to orchestral ensembles, music and clothing brands. Tyler’s evolution is seen in his recent album “Call Me If You Get Lost,” as he pushes the boundaries of his branding aesthetic. 

Tyler the Creator embodies the character of Sir. Tyler Baudelaire, a wealthy, debonair explorer dealing with heartbreak, sexual preference, racial politics and overachieving success. Since his first U.S. number-one album and award-winning Grammy for best rap album of 2019 “IGOR,” Tyler has focused on implementing more hip-hop influenced and mixtape-like energy within “Call Me If You Get Lost.” 

Tyler the Creator is known for creating short films and productions within his studio albums. Tyler’s 2017 studio album “Flower Boy,” uses themes of bees, sunflowers, garden sheds, and sports cars, symbolizing his injustices like loneliness, sexuality and materialism.  

Tyler renditions the ideal Igor character dealing with a love interest who does not openly express his attraction within his album “IGOR.” Additionally, Tyler uses a blond wig to symbolize art, comedy and a vogue-like aesthetic. In his recent album, Tyler the Creator focuses on themes of Black Lives Matter, sexuality, failed relationships and public disapproval. 

Following the release of “Call Me If You Get Lost,” Tyler the Creator opened his second GOLF le FLEUR store in December 2021, located on top of a mountain in Malibu, California. The GOLF le FLEUR website showcases the album’s collection, including the following:  

  • Globe-Trotter Travel collection  
  • French Waltz fragranced perfume 
  • Three individual nail polishes 
  • Other Accessories  
  • 2022 First edition catalog for GOLF le FLEUR 

According to the GOLF website, the Call Me If You Get Lost Tour has set dates for the U.S. until Friday, April 8.  

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