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By Stephanie Garza Stefanie Fairweather, is enjoying her last couple of months as an Our Lady of the Lake college student. Although she is excited to be graduating this upcoming May, the native New Yorker said she is equally just as nervous for what the future holds. “It’s kind of sad seeing that my college career is over because I feel like there is so much I still wanted to do but I know it’s my time,” said Fairweather. It may be her time at OLLU but Fairweather plans on staying in San Antonio while she looks for jobs and studies for the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE), the standardized test for graduate school admission. As a member of multiple organizations at OLLU and president of the Saints Productions Board, a group of student leaders who plan and coordinate events for the student body, Fairweather is making her own impact on OLLU. However, there was a point early on in her college career where she felt that the stress of being an out-of-state college student was too much to handle. “My freshman year, I just really felt like ‘I don’t want to do this anymore,’ I wanted to transfer to a school I had originally wanted to go to which is St. Johns University in New York,” said Fairweather. Fairweather struggled with not being able to go home for the weekend or during the shorter holiday breaks since her family is in New York and in Georgia. “Being an out-of-state student, you have to adapt to college life but also have to adapt to not being able to go home all the time and you see some of your friends go home,” explained Fairweather. Fairweather said getting involved in organizations around campus kept her at OLLU and she encourages other out-of-state students to do the same. Her advice to other students who may be struggling? Stick it out. “Keep holding on, it’s hard but it will eventually get better,” said Fairweather. Today, as she prepares to transition from college to career, Fairweather has been able to reflect on her decision to attend college in a different state. “The fact that I came here was definitely a huge risk because I had never been to Texas before and I just took a risk, it’s definitely been worth it,” explained Fairweather.
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