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Fall 2020 was a semester unlike any other. Many courses were forced to transition to an online format to comply with Covid-19 restrictions. As the year comes to an end, what did students think of the semester?

This Fall semester saw changes to the school’s curriculum. Instead of classes being taken on campus, many courses were adapted to an online format. Although some classes were easily converted, others faced some complications.

Amadeo Rivas, Our Lady of the Lake University Student, took acting this semester online. He expressed some concerns. “I couldn’t see my acting partner directly, just through video, and it was kind of frustrating because we both had busy lives, and then my partner eventually dropped out so I had to get a different partner and it hasn’t been easy, I’ll tell you that. It hasn’t been easy, but I’m trying to persevere through it, I’m trying to get to the next semester and I’m just going through the motions right now.”

Roger Duran, Our Lady of the Lake University Student, also faced complications. In his opinion, time management was a big factor. “It’s still pretty much having the same workload, so its kind of difficult to juggle all of that throughout your schedule, especially if you’re a procrastinator.”

Online courses also meant zero commuting time to school. With the ability of being able to wake up seconds before class, students were able to rest in bed longer.

Duran wakes up seconds before class, sometimes even a few minutes late. “It was pretty nice, just like last minute just logging on for my online classes.”

Rivas on the other hand, didn’t have such luxury. “I still had to drive to school for work. I had a job on campus, and I was running the school newspaper, which was very fun by the way.” 

As students adapted to the new learning format, new issues developed. Rivas shared, I wasn’t able to join some of my classes because I couldn’t find the link, or sometimes when I would join my internet would go out every once in a while. It was just a mess, it was annoying. Something I wouldn’t have to deal with if I were actually in class.”

Although this semester looked different compared to previous years, the University pushed forward and thrived.

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