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San Antonio- For many students at Our Lady of the Lake University, April is considered a Holy month of reflection. Around the world, April is also remembered as one of the more greener months. Earth Day is on April 22, so here are a few ways you can help make this month the greenest and cleanest.

1. Celebrate Earth Day at Woodlawn Lake

This annual Earth Day event will take place on Saturday, April 16, from 9:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m. at Woodlawn Lake Park, 1103 Cincinnati. The community is invited to learn about the value and respect we should give the Earth. A raffle of thirty bicycles, vegetarian refreshments, and conservation ideas will be included. Admission for this event is free, so ride a bike, take the bus, or carpool with some friends and celebrate Earth Day.

2. 2019 Earth Day 5K and 10K run

Run some miles and get a medal! The third annual Earth Day 5K and 10K run is a virtual race that can be jogged or walked from any location in San Antonio. Participants get to run their race at their own time and place. Once the miles are completed (before April 22), participants are required to submit their time in exchange for a fiesta medal that will be shipped directly to them. In addition, 15% of every registration will go to Wild Earth Allies. Registration will be $20.

3. Plant for the next generation migration

April marks the month of migration in San Antonio, for the monarch butterflies. The San Antonio Zoo recently held their annual butterfly festival, and shared ways college students can help save the migration. Laurie Brown, Media Personal for Zoo Education said “one of the biggest things is to prohibit the use of pesticides but also plant native nectar plants and native milkweed plants”. Students can keep San Antonio butterfly filled by following these steps and learning more on the San Antonio Monarch Champion City page.

Mia Sanchez, sophomore at OLLU, explains how Earth Day should be celebrated everyday and not just once a year. “It starts with using a reusable water bottle everyday, turning off lights when you’re not using them, and taking shorter showers. then you can move up to lessening your red eat intake, because the meat industry causes a lot of harm to our environment.” said Sanchez.

Make our planet green again.

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