SAN ANTONIO – A highly wanted job on campus, could become available soon! Our Lady of the Lake University Resident Assistant of three years, Ayala Adams, said, “knowing that you are a role model for the other students, as well as the university itself.” Ayala Adams added how the Resident’s Life Program has helped her, “I wanted to step out of my comfort zone as being a person who basically just stayed indoors, and I wanted to get to know my peers better. As well as the job opportunity, which was really helpful for my education purposes.”

Victor Salazar, Director of Residence Life, describes that a Resident Assistant acts as liaisons between residents and the university and are assigned floors in each hall to Resident Assistants. RAs are hired student employees in addition to being. provided with housing and a meal plan.

Skylar Lloyd, RA for one year, explains the perks of being an RA. “It’s super fun to put on programs and get to talk to everybody, see all their unique experiences, where they come from, and overall, just get to know people on campus better”

The opportunity to become a Resident Assistant can be hard to come by, but according to Salazar, the opportunity is coming up again for the fall 2022 semester. The process will open again late fall or early spring.

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